City Tennis League Rules - 2019

1. The League shall be called the City Tennis League.


2. The Officers shall consist of Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer. A maximum of 2 further persons may be co-opted

3. An account will be held with a Building Society with money only being withdrawn on two signatures out of three committee members.


4. At any General Meeting only bona fide members of a club shall be entitled to vote and the number of votes cast by each club shall not exceed the number of their teams currently in the League.

5. The subscription of each team in the league shall be £15 per team.


6. On the evening of a home match each club must allocate two courts and two sets of new balls exclusively for match play. All matches to commence at 6.30 pm. Any person not present at 6.45 pm. will forfeit his first four games. Any person not present at 7.00 pm. will forfeit his first sixteen games. (Please allow some flexibility to teams travelling a distance.)


Rule 7. The Secretary will supply each club secretary with a fixture list with dates on which the matches should be played. In the event of a match not being played, due to weather conditions the Secretary should be notified by the home team. Within 7 days it is the responsibility of the home team to offer 2 new dates to the opposition one of which has to be accepted within another 7 days. If a match is not completed due to inclement weather the match should be totally replayed. However, where one team has already won 33 or more games at the time of interruption, that team shall be deemed to have won the match and the remaining unplayed games shall be divided equally between the two teams.


Rule 8. A match can only be postponed (other than for weather conditions) if at least 24 hours notice is given and both teams agree to this at the time the postponement request is made. If the teams do not so agree the match must be played as arranged in the fixture list weather permitting (see rules 6 & 7). If a postponement is agreed the  Secretary must be notified immediately by the team requesting the postponement. Another date will be given (within two weeks) by the team agreeing to the postponement and the team requesting the postponement must accept both the revised date and choice of venue and notify the revised date to the appropriate Secretary within the two weeks.


9. Where a walk over is conceded the points will be awarded and 48 - 16 games recorded and two points deducted from the conceding team.


10. Disputes must be referred immediately to the League Secretary who shall on a majority vote of the committee give a decision which in all cases is binding.


11. Results of all matches must be communicated to the League Secretary without delay by the home club. Result cards not received within four days OF THE MATCH BEING PLAYED or cards which do not show the division, the names (including A;B;C etc) of the teams and the correct score should incur a £2 fine.


12. On agreement between both clubs, a club may waive its right of playing its home match on its own courts. This would in no way affect the position of the venue of the return match.


13. A list of players and fees must be registered with the League Secretary before 30th April. Players may be added to the list at any time during the season but no player may play for more than one club in one season. New players may not be registered after 15 July unless with the permission of the League Committee.


14. Each team shall consist of two pairs of men's doubles (in ladies divisions only ladies may play) each pair playing one set against each opposing pair. Each match shall consist of four sets of sixteen games (change ends every four games). Results of the match shall be decided by majority of games won and not by the majority of sets won. A team may play one lady player per match in divisions one, two and three and two lady players in divisions four, five six nd seven if they so desire.


15. Each club will play each other home and away once.


16. Two points shall be awarded for a win and one for a draw.


17. In the event of two teams tying for top position on points the team with the best games difference will win. If this is the same a play off on a neutral ground fixed by the League Secretary shall take place. Promotion and relegation at the end of the season shall be two up and two down.


18. If a club has 2 or more teams in one division a player registered for one team may not play for more than one other team in that division and then for a maximum of 1 occasion.

19. If a club consists of more than one team in the City League no player may play in the immediately lower team more than once in a season. Note: This means that no player registered for an A team can play in the C team at any time. No more than one player may play down in the immediate lower team in any one match. In any one season a player can only play an additional four games more than the total of his/her registered team.


20. If a club consists of more than one team in the City League and wishes to change the composition of any of its teams it may apply to the committee for a ruling. In all cases the committees decision will be final.


21. The results of matches not completed within 2 weeks of the official end of the season will be ajudicated by the committee.


22. Players who have played either at County week or the Indoor County Championship during either of the previous two calendar years can only play for their club’s A team. To do so, they must play at least twice in the first 50% of the scheduled weeks programme if they are to play in the remainder of the season


23. Any proposed changes/additions to the League Rules must be submitted to the League Secretary by 31 December.